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my proxy order arrived recently! I ordered a lot of figures this time around. there were a lot of popmart figures going for a few hundred yen so I got two addams family ones and a YOKI gem figure.

I also got some sanrio figures! I particularly like the kaitai fantasy pompompurin one and I might try to get cinna? and if I get kuromi I *have* to get melody to match _(:3\)

last is a little Oh! Super Milk-Chan trading figure,, I'm slowly trying to complete my collection.

closeup of pompurin + a pochacco camera I got mostly for display

aand the reason why I made this order! I got a bunch of revoltech gloomies + a display case for my toro inoue/doko demo items *_*

I love them so much TT_TT, gloomy is actually my favorite character to collect plushies of (uniBEARsity second, which is funny because I dont care much for disney aside from the older animated films, I just really like cute bear plushies). I hope I can find the rest of the gloomy revoltechs for around retail price aaaa

my doko demo cabinet formed !

last is a a random dengeki playstation magazine I got because klonoa is on the cover :3

I put a lot of my smaller toro / doko demo items in here! I have a few more doko demo items on the way so I plan on making a dedicated display area for them all.

⇢ #29 . . Wii Weather Channel (Night) | more toros + some games 8 / 4 / 2023

some video game + toro merch I've gotten recently I'm really excited to finally play elden ring,,, I also plan on getting the rest of the soulsborne games (though I already own the first dark souls), some assassin's creed games, and nier.

some more stuff to add to my toro inoue hoard,, two of them are battery operated! the middle one is a massager thing (you can take it out there's a zipper), the one on the right will ring a bell if you click his paw, and the one on the left is a mcdonalds toy. he can open and close his arms if you press his tummy TT_TT

I also got this random sonic crane game prize (?) and a mr.driller plush! saw the mr.driller plush randomly for really cheap, the seller didn't know who he was. the sonic plush is actually quite old (1994) but it's still in alright condition. the leather's all pealed so I had to clean off all the flaked off pieces ;_;

Ringing Bell Toro . . . . . . . . . ¥1620
Smaller Toros . . . . . . . . . ¥440 + ¥900
Sanic Plush . . . . . . . . . ¥520
Mr.Diller . . . . . . . . . ¥110

lastly it's my jack frost!! TT_TT he's soo cute and big, the seller was kind enough to send me a video showing him off when I asked about him. I also attached a smaller jack frost I got a long while back to his hat.

here he is next to my jumbo toro plush (the biggest plush I own, I don't really like buying plushies bigger than 40-50cm usually)! he's very cute and I got him at a pretty fair price considering his size.

Large Jack Frost . . . . . . . . . ¥1120
⇢ #28 . . SANRIO RECORDS - あの子はキティ | sanrio haul + hk grail 2 / 4 / 2023

here's a recent haul of sanrio merch! I've was never really into sanrio that much (I mostly had san-x plushies as a kid) but I got into the brand recently. I'm specifically collecting items that were released before the year 2000 (+ a few other things,,, coming later lol)

since plushies can take up so much space I usually avoid owning more than one plush for each character (unless it's a character I really love ofc) so after looking up a bunch of pre-2000 hello kitty plush I landed on this silver angel christmas plush,,, that had a bunch of listings set at a crazy amount T__T

I'm aiming to collect one pre-2000 plush of every sanrio character that I could get *but* I wanted to avoid just settling for a plush if there were other one's I wanted more so I was like. hemming and hawing for a while debating if I should just get a cheaper HK plush but!! two weeks later I randomly searched for "hello kitty plushies" and managed to find my HK silver angel grail for around 4USD / 400JPY!!

Glad I put my foot down and was just like. I'll wait till' she pops up at a cheaper price lol. I'm super happy + she still comes with her tag in good condition.

other than older sanrio plushies I also like a lot of the more uncommon characters so I got this Pofu plush + a collapsible HK basket from 2003. I also picked up some ziplocks from daiso (I think?)

Silver Angel HK . . . . . . . . . ¥400
Pofu Plush . . . . . . . . . ¥500
HK Basket . . . . . . . . . ¥120
Ziplocks . . . . . . . . . ¥200

next I really got into collecting sugarbunnies (very painful)! I had no idea how much they went for when I bought my first one (which I got for like 1USD/100JPY),,, The first one I bought is in the pic (the one in the shirt), I wanted to include it since I just got it out of storage along with the san-x plush.

the bear on the right is from a 1992 set of LTS plushies (no tag unfortuntely :() that I'm hoping to complete and the mocha plush is a cute battery operated plushie that plays two different christmas songs when you click the paw.

also got some pre-2000 pompompurin + pokopon merch!

last of my haul is a kimba plush + some sekiguchi plushies of dick bruna characters. I didn't pay attention to the sizes oops (they're all from different sellers) so I'm a bit sad their heights don't match ._.

Kimba Plush . . . . . . . . . ¥410
Sekiguchi Dog . . . . . . . . . ¥210
Sekiguchi Cat . . . . . . . . . ¥180
Sekiguchi Dalmatian . . . . . . . . . ¥120

little bit about this plush, I got it as a gift from my mom when I was a kid and I've been trying to find more information about it + the character but the only thing I've been able to find is the official san-x page, a mercari listing of an eraser + a flickr photo of a memo set TT_TT

I can't seem to find plushies of the other kumachoko that look like this nor much of any other merch ,,, though I do plan on making a little shrine page for kumachoko + translate the san-x page.

for fun I made a tierlist of sanrio characters ranked by how much I like them + how much I'd want a plush/merch of them! I think out of the most popular sanrio characters (on the rankings list), pompompurin (and maybe cinna but I like his friends more) would be the only one I'd get more than one plush of. I'm actually having a really tough time looking for a my melody plush (that was released before 2000) that I like rn _(:3\

⇢ #26 . . . Lucky Star - Gravity | toro hoarding issues 26 / 3 / 2023

I bought... a lot of doko demo merch... again... _(:3\
(also just realized I didn't get a closer pic but I did buy a toro + kuro neck pillow)

matching toro + kuro pouches

Got a copy of Koneko + this small toro plush that had a sanrio shirt on for some reason ? ? I thought it was insanely cute and want to accessorize my other toro plushies now.

I got a battery operated halloween themed kuro plush (that I still need to replace the batteries for) and these really cute toro plushies I got as a set. They're quite old but still in pretty good condition, a lot of toro plushies that I own have disintegrated or very faded fabric tags :(

Last is a jun keychain and a doko demo mini figure set with the most yellowed plastic ever lol. I couldn't find a year on the packaging for when it was released but looking at it now the yellowing isn't as bad irl versus the pic I took. I normally remove the packaging but I actually really like this packaging so I've decided to just display it as is.

closer pic of my santa + jumbo toro! the biggest toro I own

⇢ #26 . . . REDALiCE feat. Ayumi Nomiya - Little Star | alien 9 haul 13 / 3 / 2023

I recently ordered a yuri figure from japan and was hoping to complete the full set one by one but found someone selling two full sets for less than 20USD each! I bought one full set and a second set of them in their uniforms. Really happy I finally finished this collection and got duplicates of them (I have three of yuri of her uniform now oops).

I also got an angelgotchi, the ones I've been seeing pop up second hand were quite yellowed but I didn't want to pay more than 20USD for one so I was lucky enough to snatch this one up :)

Angelgotchi . . . . . . . . . ¥900
Alien 9 Figure . . . . . . . . . ¥350 ea.

ignore lain sinking in the back

Got these two trading figures that I thought were cute! It's a Nurse Witch Komugi figure and an Ashita no Nadja figure.

Lastly got a cute purin plush and a random cow one as a bonus. The purin is soo cute and squishy! I've been interested in getting some sanrio plushies lately but didn't really have a set theme/guidelines for them. The purin plush was made in 1999 so I decided to limit my sanrio plush collection to ones made on or before the year 2000 (may make some exceptions for plushes made in 2001 ~ 2003). Ideally I want ones from 1999 since it's my birth year. I'm actually actively looking for a hello kitty plush made in 1999 but I'm really picky since she's one of my least favorite sanrio characters (I don't dislike her at all! But I only want one plush of her so I need to really make sure I like the plush I plan on buying).

My exception to the year rule are battery operated plushies (I have a purin that can ride a bicycle). I looked it up and the characters that were introduced before the year 2000 (that I'm interested in) are Hello Kitty (ofc), LTS, Melody, Tuxedo Sam, My Sweet Piano, Hangyodon, Keroppi, Pochacco, Pekkle, Monkichi, Badtz-Maru, Chococat, Purin, and Dear Daniel. I've got a ton of toy related project pages I need to make and I plan on making one for this too TT_TT

Purin . . . . . . . . . ¥230
Cow . . . . . . . . . ¥100

I also added some new pics to my photo gallery _(:3\

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