⇢ #25 . . . 華爛漫 -Flowers- | japan order!! 1 / 3 / 2023

ordered a bunch of stuff from japan again! For this haul I really wanted to get the fuzzy kuchipatchi plush, a flip phone, and some furoku.

I saw that mametchi also had plush from the same set with kuchipatchi and a friend and I were talking about how funky he looks? I think it's because his head and body aren't proprtioned like how he actually is and his face is a bit smaller..

toro inoue items

got a set of cute toro mini figures + some toro related cards. I really like collecting telephone cards but they can get pricey since the ones I usually want are 800JPY+ each TT_TT

I also just found out about the mcdonalds playstation character cards and am already making a catalogue for them _(:3\

Toro Figure Set . . . . . . . . . ¥600
Toro cards . . . . . . . . . ¥460

I got an alien 9 and Disgaea trading figure. I already own another Alien 9 figure (Yuri in her uniform) and I'm hoping to complete the set soon. I bought her for around 300JPY but the prices for them have gone up a bit (there are people selling the full set for almost 90USD which is just. lmao) so I'm waiting till they each pop up for less than 5USD which is the max I'm willing to pay for one.

Disgaea Figure . . . . . . . . . ¥300
Toro cards . . . . . . . . . ¥460
Yume Nikki manga . . . . . . . . . ¥300
Alien 9 Figure . . . . . . . . . ¥500

more furoku

had a really big furoku kick and decided to buy a whole lot of them! I was actually aiming to get more furoku from before the year 2000 but ended up with newer ones (though I actually really like the 2000s era moe style haa).

more furoku including some cute pouches

lastly some more tamagotchi goods

Tamagotchi case . . . . . . . . . ¥330
Furoku haul . . . . . . . . . ¥1650
⇢ #24 . . . ポルターガイスト | tama + ghibli (and other stuff) 23 / 2 / 2023

Here's another tamagotchi + vpet haul! I got a tamagotchi entama + a hudson teku teku angel vpet. The mimitchi on the present is a stamp + the rest of the items are gashapon keychains.

I plan on maybee buying more keychains (particularly the kuchipatchi one) so I can hang one off of my tamasma.

HUDSON teku teku angel

I like collecting random vpets and I found this one called a teku teku angel. It's a pedometer vpet! I've always wanted a pedometer for some reason (I think it's because I played too much Harvest Moon as a kid) so I was excited to receive this. I actually plan on making a general vpet shrine page so I've been looking for different odd vpets to collect, hopefully will find some more soon?

Tamagotchi Keychains . . . . . . . . . ¥240 each
Tamagotchi Entama . . . . . . . . . ¥600
teku teku angel . . . . . . . . . ¥1100

ghibli + moomin finger puppets

I've been really interested in collecting finger puppets (though I don't actually put them on my fingers), they're just so cute looking and I like the chibi style they come in. I bought each of these for around 40JPY and I might try to buy the other characters but as a figure/toy collector my balking price is kind of low (usually) so it'll be a while until I find another good deal for them haaa

I also got a moomin puzzle! I only bought it because it was really cheap and it's quite cute! I'm not really into collecting jigsaw puzzles but I might getting a couple more mini puzzles if I see any for cheap.

one of the cutest kewpies I've ever seen

lastly I got this absolutely adorable oscar kewpie. I saw a random listing of this while searching for trinkets and wanted it so badly. She's so. so cute. I also got this acrylic keychain (second hand) that's from funamusea. I'm not familiar with the character but I played a bunch of their games when I was younger and still like their art so I bought this so I could own some merch from them.

Finger Puppets . . . . . . . . . ¥40 each
Moomin Puzzle . . . . . . . . . ¥120
Oscar Kewpie . . . . . . . . . ¥100
⇢ #23 . . . MAIN STREET ELECTRICAL PARADE | Random Stuff 14 / 2 / 2023

I already owned the animal crossing figures

got a bunch of stuff (again)! I found this animal crossing playset that I thought could be perfect for the choco egg figures I already own + a figure collection set.

some trinkets and a tama plush I got. The strap caught my eye because it says "Amano Yoshitaka" on it and it's from N.Y. Salad, a series of picture books (?) about vegetable fairies.

I'm not sure what the girl in the red dress and the girl with ribbons in her hair are from so I'm planning on making a page for items that I cannot find the source for! I bought them because they were quite cute and I'd like to find out if they're from a specific anime/manga/etc.

closeup of the animal crossing figure collection + a really yellow toro inoue figure that also lights up?

and last is some tokyo disney sea merch + another small figure. I think I've mentioned before but I actually don't care much for disney/pixar properties for the most part nor amusement parks but I always thought the merchandise from japanese disney parks were so cute. I'm fond of the UniBEARsity plush lines too and some of the popcorn buckets from JP parks.

I'm not sure what I'll put into these candy dispensers yet, I actually don't like candy at all and don't plan on putting any in them... Maybe small toys/trinkets? I've been into miniature food/drinks lately so I might fill them up with that.

Candy Dispensers . . . . . . . . . ¥400

Got a ton of new keychains/trinkets and some mini figures! My highlights are the oh! milk figures and the lammy merch. Unfortunately milk-chan is missing some parts (I hadn't noticed till after I purchased it) so I will probably end up buying it again the next time I do a japan proxy buy.

of course I got some plushies to add to my hoard. I'm not a big sanrio person but after seeing some people's collections I was interested in getting some. I'm planning on getting maximum 1x of some of the most popular characters (and max mascot size, I'm only interested in bigger plushies if it's a cotton doll or character I like). I was also super happy about getting this NiGHTS Into Dreams plush and parappa plush! I got them both for under 300JPY each (yay).

Spooky Pochacco . . . . . . . . . ¥360
NiGHTS Plush . . . . . . . . . ¥240
Parappa Plush . . . . . . . . . ¥200
Little Rei . . . . . . . . . ¥40
⇢ #22 . . Stay With Me | Japan Order #2 2 / 2 / 2023

another japan haul

another one of my japan orders arrived recently! I got a ton of cards and mini figures. It's been storming very hard recently so all the pictures here are going to use the awful lighting in my room _(:3\

the next time I put in an order I think I'll try to get more shokugan/gashapon figures and other kinds of cards.

some figures I got!

I got another PSE figure and a random POPMART blindbox I only added to my cart since it was 100JPY! I actually bought a POPMART luminous display case a long time ago but haven't had the chance to use it yet so it's been sitting in its box for a while; I've been eyeing some POPMART figures (the addams family line in particular) so hopefully I'll bother to use it soon;;

I also got a set of POP Alice figures! I bought one of them a long time ago and wanted to get the rest of the set. Unfortunately it's second hand so the illustration on the display is quite yellowed :(. I plan on maybe scanning the displays, editing them brighter, and printing stickers to replace the yellowed art.

got a bunch of cards again

more cards! I bought some evangelion, pita-ten, and sanrio cards plus the animal crossing x sanrio amiibo stickers. I recently bought some albums just for these cards so I'm pretty excited to sort them all and decorate their albums.

sanrio cards (+ all the sanrio x animal crossing stickers)! I saw these pop up on mercari when I was looking for tamagotchi cards and thought these were so pretty.

from searching they're called Nakayoshi Uranai Cards but I'm having some trouble looking for a list of full cards as I plan on cataloguing all the cards on my cards page. They were released in 1995 and had about 200 cards in the set so I don't think I'll ever complete it but I do love the ones I was able to get.

and of course I got more tamagotchi cards + albums..

Tamagotchi Album (Red) + cards . . . . . . . . . ¥680
Tamagotchi Album (Blue) . . . . . . . . . ¥300

when I first saw this in my package I was like '???' because I never ordered this. I assumed it was some freebie from some seller but it wasn't packaged with anything so again I was like 'did suruga-ya package this with my order by mistake...?' but it turns out I was kind of right with my first guess.

opened it up a little and saw something side the case...

...and it's my umihara kawase order! the seller just straight up package it with an otome game for some reason (I don't play otoges nor do I own a PSP so I guess I'll try to find someone in my life to give this to I guess ? ?).

closer look. at first I thought it was some keychain from the listing but it actually opens up!

海腹川背 Fresh! Keychain . . . . . . . . . ¥300

koge-donbo items!

lastly a closer look of the clear file in the background of some pics, from the artist Ayumi Kasai

Rabi en Rose gashapon . . . . . . . . . ¥460
Ayumi Kasai clear file . . . . . . . . . ¥450
⇢ #21 . . . ソーダの夢 | why did i buy this + BTSSB 23 / 1 / 2023

I found this random listing for a BTSSB plush from 2007! I don't wear lolita but I think the fashion is very pretty and was always interested in non-clothing items from these brands. It's from (as you can guess lmao) 2007 and limited to 150, only available around the christmas/holiday season I think? It's quite cute and I hope I can find some more BTSSB plushies in the future!

...though I doubt I will as I'm pretty sure they go for quite a bit _(:3\ here are some favorites I've found

BTSSB Bear Plush . . . . . . . . . ¥710

ngl I have no idea why I bought this. I mostly thought at the time that it'd be such a cute shelf item but I'm dummy and didn't realize it was this big !! I swear one day I have to learn to look for product measurements first before ordering... but I do quite like it!

It's in great condition but the seller didn't package it quite well so there's a small pain chip on her nose (and it was dirty too, I got most of it it off though) which I'm really annoyed by... I can probably just go over it with a tiny bit of paint though.

Hello Kitty Landline . . . . . . . . . ¥1800

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