hi, i'm prince and i draw for fun/as a hobby. i like old video games, zines, and collecting various items.
▼ 【like】zines, neopets,
▼ 【vidya】old point & click games, hidden object, platformers, metroidvania
▼ 【guestbook】


Can I use your art as an icon on social media (twitter/tumblr)?
Only fanart I've drawn can be used, not any of my ocs/original art.
Also, please do not use any commission art I've done (but if you're the commissioner, then it's a-okay).

Can I edit your art?
>> No, please don't.

Can I repost your art?
>> No.

Can I commission you?
>> I sometimes open commissions, please check my website for my current status.

【 start of site: 2021 】