. . . . updates ♛

→ 2/01/24

revamped most of the pages on my toy collection, cleaned up the navigation part of the index, and slowly trying to update the look of the index page u_u

→ 11/22/23

added some art + working on other pages !!

→ 10/02/23

added some shrine pages, updated index

→ 8/12/23

did some more cleanups!! added a collection page for physical games I own and the hunter x hunter shrine (missing some pages)

→ 8/11/23

added magazine rack, cleaned up card pages and added info page

→ 7/24/23

cleaned up some pages

→ 7/12/23

added wishlist + charm section for toy page, added a lot more images to photo gallery, updated look for diary, and shrines masterlist page

→ 5/29/23

added animation shrine, updated some pages

→ 4/24/23

added my collection project page SANRIO1999 (still a WIP)

→ 3/14/23

more images to the photo album + working on other stuff

→ 2/19/23

added photo album and recently changed layout of index page

→ 2/11/23

updated diary + cleaned up some pages

→ 1/24/23

it's 2023 so I updated the look of the index page !

→ 12/25/22

merry christmas!! added card collection page and added/updated various card collections. also added a ton of entries to my collection diary.

→ 12/11/22

I am once again forgeting to update this even though I'm updating the rest of the site lmao. slowly working on collection diary pages, finished layout for toy section and have an idea for the layout for the card collection page (I just need to take pics), after I fix most of the pages for my collection will try to finish the OC page I have a base layout for + cataloguing various cards.

→ 11/25/22

revamped collection page (will re-use layout somewhere else), combined all my cookie run card pages into one page, updated art page, currently working on OC page and buying diary

→ 11/17/22

edited info page, revamped stamps, added tamagotchi shrine main page

→ 11/15/22

added another sidebar to index, made it a bit more friendly on mobile

→ 11/7/22

(I've actually been updating during october but kept forgetting to update this lol), updated photo gallery index

→ 9/25/22

updated index, surugaya find page, and photo gallery index

→ 9/18/22

added a bunch of stuff to my art page, added fun section, and cleaned up my FR page

→ 9/12/22

revamped info page, added art page, slowly adding flight rising pages (still need to make the frame!)

→ 9/7/22

added collection directory, multiple card collections, and added guestbook

→ 8/26/22

redid info page, cleaned index layou/added some buttons, and added some virtual petsite related pages.

→ 8/20/22

redid the the index page, began my cookie run kingdom tcg checklist, worked on my info page

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hi, I'm prince/unprince and this is my personal website. I like posting about my art, ocs, and stuff I collect. splash image above and the icon on the left are drawn by me, refrain from using my art pls thanks.

(also ads on this page aren't actual ads, I just thought some of them were cute to add, especially the neo ones _(:3\)

“I usually solve problems by letting them devour me.”

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if you'd like to exchange buttons leave a message on my guestbook ! I display all exchanged buttons on my links out page. I check my guestbook around once or twice a week so it might take a bit for me to add it.
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Eyes still closed... Sunshine showed ... Through the curtains and the noise ... I awoke to your voice ... Thinking you'll be by my side ... You and I lay close in heart ... Please save us from being apart ... Time ran too fast to feel ... your warmth and love ...