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→ 11/7/22

(I've actually been updating during october but kept forgetting to update this lol), updated photo gallery index

→ 9/25/22

updated index, surugaya find page, and photo gallery index

→ 9/18/22

added a bunch of stuff to my art page, added fun section, and cleaned up my FR page

→ 9/12/22

revamped info page, added art page, slowly adding flight rising pages (still need to make the frame!)

→ 9/7/22

added collection directory, multiple card collections, and added guestbook

→ 8/26/22

redid info page, cleaned index layou/added some buttons, and added some virtual petsite related pages.

→ 8/20/22

redid the the index page, began my cookie run kingdom tcg checklist, worked on my info page

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hi, I'm prince and this is my personal website. I like posting about my art, ocs, and stuff I collect. heart splash image above and the icon on the left are drawn by me, refrain from using my art pls thanks.

(also ads on this page aren't actual ads, I just thought some of them were cute to add, especially the neo ones _(:3\)

“I usually solve problems by letting them devour me.”

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if you'd like to exchange buttons leave a message on my guestbook ! I display all exchanged buttons on my links out page. I check my guestbook around once or twice a week so it might take a bit for me to add it.
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Eyes still closed... Sunshine showed ... Through the curtains and the noise ... I awoke to your voice ... Thinking you'll be by my side ... You and I lay close in heart ... Please save us from being apart ... Time ran too fast to feel ... your warmth and love ...