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Psychonauts 2

2023 | 11/14

Wanted to play the sequel soon as I finished the first game and I really loved it! I think this game has my favorite mind out of either games (Bob's Bottles) though my next two favorites are from the last game. I hope for more Psychonauts stuff in the future!


2023 | 12/4

Really enjoyed my time playing this! Unfortunately only found out after buying it that the PS4 port is the worst version of the game,,, it wasn't too bad most of the time but there were a few crashes (one of them during the last phase of the final boss,,,). Apparently the GOG version is the best (which now that I think about, I think I own? I just forgot about it).

Assassin's Creed II (The Ezio Collection)

2023 | 10/02

The first assassin's creed game I've played! I enjoyed my time enought that I wanted to platinum it and even bought Assassin's Creed III halfway through the game (though I do plan on playing the rest of the Ezio games ofc).

played on the ps5, part of The Ezio Collection

Ape Escape

2023 | 08/22

Wasn't going to 100% this because I didn't really want to do the time attack modes (thought I had to collect *all monkeys* on the level at first) but looked up a speedrun of the game and changed my mind! Ape Escape was pretty fun and I plan on playing the other games in the series _(:3\

Full List


Nintendo Switch Spyro Reignited: Ripto's Rage 2018 100 - -
Game Total 100%, Complete Skill Points, 10,000/10,000 Gems
Nintendo Switch Spyro Reignited: Year of the Dragon 2018 117 - -
Game Total 117%, Complete Skill Points, 20,002/15,000 Gems
Nintendo Switch SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated 2018 100 - -
PS5 Assassin's Creed II 2009 100 51 51
(The Ezio Collection) 100 feathers, Completed Monteriggioni, etc.
PS5 Version Ape Escape 1999 100 17 17
204 / 204 monkeys, Complete Specter Coins, Complete Time Attack Gold Medals
PS5 Version Psychonauts 2005 100 38 38
Rank 101
PS5 Version Psychonauts 2 2021 100 58 58
Rank 102

Plan on Completing

Nintendo Switch Spyro Reignited: Spyro the Dragon 2018 99 - -
Complete Skill Points
Nintendo Switch Okami 2006 100 - -
100 / 100 Stray Beads, Complete Treasure Tome | Incomplete Fish and Animal Tome
Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey 2017 - - -
Nintendo Switch Super Mario 3D All Stars: Super Mario Sunshine 2002 - - -
100/120 shines
Nintendo Switch Super Mario 3D All Stars: Super Mario Galaxy 2007 - - -