my pets

all the goats I own
Mikhel Elfen Natascha Cisco

Rose Prince AD

Sakuraling AD

Caregiver AD

Peach Blossom AD
Tristopher Labyrinthe Celestin Ansel

Watermelon AD

Luna Moth AD

Minty Melt AD

Rebelling AD
Kulche Milche Erzebet Eliot

All Star AD

Lopling AD

Coastal Cutie AD

Maneki Nekoling AD
Qian Cyberia - Xie

Ye Xian AD

Icicle Frost AD

Winter Starling AD

Jabberjaw AD
Tsukihina Deus Lucilfer Yvon

Rainbow Crow AD

Gaia AD

Moth Prince AD

Charmling AD
Kastro Yuliya Doraemon Lied

The Fool Card AD

Violinist AD

Duckling AD

Yakling AD
Prosecution Judge Jury Executioner

Batling AD

Queen Snakeling AD

Royal Guard AD

Love Warrior AD
Thesis Antithesis Synthesis Vaporware

Dawn Flight AD

Dusk Flight AD

The Lovers AD

8bit Goat AD


Jesterling AD


all the clothing items I've hoarded + HA buddies

commissioned art

art I've gotten of either my goats or my HA buddies

by @Aspertia
by @Haise

by @Pastelviking

official items

i used to submit designs on goatlings and some of them turned into real items! here they are below (the official/onsite versions not the art i submitted).

art by @aurelia

my doll gallery

i stopped playing goatlings around 2017 but logged on briefly to add some more dolls to my collection! i had a gallery dedicated to having one of every AD + retired items. it's been several years so there's a lot of ADs i'm missing but i tried to gather as many as i could (while i still had the motivation to do so).

are my favorite items

my plushie hoard

all the plushies I've collected + some extra retired items I like.

are my favorite items


screenshots i found in my goatlings folder

several of my designs turnied into real items

Xie turned into the Jabberjaw AD

Celestin (previously Pryce) turned into the Minty Melt AD