⇢ #9 . . . akiba figure + kirarin card sleeves 14 / 11 / 2022

bought a Akihabara Dennou Gumi figure (+some kirarin revo card sleeves)! the character is called Hanakoganei Hibari. I don't normally buy figures from series I've never watched but lately I've been making exceptions for figures that have a.) a cute character design and b.) are cheap. I think my limit would be at around a thousand yen for figures from things I'm absolutely not familiar with... my only other exceptions would be if the figure was worked on by a sculptor or illustrator I really loved.

I'm not terribly interested in the source material she's from (and I heard it wasn't very good either) but I might get the purple haired character from the same set just so she has someone to match. (also that mascot looking character has a keychain and I'm very tempted to buy it if I see it for cheap. I'm a huge sucker for weird looking creatures).

Akihabara Dennou Gumi Figure . . . . . . . . . ¥735
Kirarin Millefeui Card Sleeves . . . . . . . . . ¥245
⇢ #7 . . . BOME Figure + Stella 09 / 11 / 2022

Bought two figures! a BOME figure and a figure from material I'm not familiar with. I think she's from a video game? A lot of adorable obscure figures I've seen are usually from some eroge so probably that (she's cute and less than 500 yen so I was like. whatever).

Not much to say about the moldavite stella, she's a decently cute figure but I definitely overpayed for the BOME figure given the condition she's in. I only realized after I bought it that the base isn't for this figure but for her color variant which isn't a big deal to me honestly but there's a ton of paint chips on her base that I might try to cover with acrylic paint. Also had an accident and accidentally snapped off one of her ears and part of it snapped *inside* her hair _(:3\... I put it back on with a small amount of putty so hopefully it's fine haaa.

Moldavite Stella . . . . . . . . . ¥360
BOME Bunny Girl . . . . . . . . . ¥1970
⇢ #6 . . . paper goods 1 / 11 / 2022

Just a small haul of paper goods. I love collecting postcards, clear files, and random card sets! I have a plastic case full of clear files and it's already full so I need to buy a thicker case soon ><

"Hello Kitty to Issho!", a collab project between various illustrators

might be my fave item of the order! it's a hello kitty themed calender album (gotta love the koge-donbo art). I might try doing something similar (an illustration calender card set) in the future.

closeup of the postcards

Hello Kitty to Issho! . . . . . . . . . ¥135
Mew Mew Clearfile . . . . . . . . . ¥50
Various Paper Merch . . . . . . . . . ¥140

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