last update :: 2016年03月13日
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→ 2016年03月132日 (night)

+ Haven't update in... 2 months? Man, I've been really busy...
+ I'm graduating high school soon so maybe I'll update more often.
+ I decided to start taking commissions again (? crying and dying ?) and also use gaia and goatlings.
+ Some recent avis (after I went on a shopping spree):
+ Also recent comm:

feeling :: bored
listening :: tv in the background
watching :: haikyuu!
last ate :: chips

→ 2016年01月02日 (late night)

+ Huh, haven't updated in a while...
+ Happy New Years!
+ Currently making a kaylune fangame.

feeling :: reaaallly sleepy
listening :: random bgms
watching :: -
last ate :: beef

→ 2015年10月30日 (night)

+ The adoptables auction was pretty successful? I mean, I got 4m for a bid on one adopt ehe. Plus I got 3 new PSKs?
+ The custom slot also turned out pretty good! :)

feeling :: sleepy
listening :: it's the 30th why are there trick-or-treaters
watching :: -
last ate :: burger

→ 2015年10月29日 (afternoon)

+ a-adoptables auction...
+ how do people get that much cash to burn....

feeling :: sleepy
listening :: -
watching :: -
last ate :: chicken

→ 2015年10月27日 (night)

+ Whoa it's been a long while since I last blogged here...
+ Anyways I'm currently doing an adopts shop thing on Kaylune.

feeling :: full
listening :: into the woods in the bg
watching :: -
last ate :: sushi

→ 2015年10月07日 (night)

+ Haven't had the time to do art (that isn't Kaylune related) recently!
+ But I adopted a bunch of cute pets from a user.

+ Also finished Haikyuu!! in one seating ehe.
+ I really like it so far, too bad my internet is way too shitty so I have to wait to watch it with my friend.
+ Tsukki and Kenma are my favorites. I like Hinata too.

feeling :: sleepy
listening :: undertale ost
watching :: haikyuu!!
last ate :: rice

→ 2015年09月30日 (mid-day)

+ Very productive day (not school wise tho ehhee)
+ commission for popikat @gaia

feeling :: cold
listening :: -
watching :: -
last ate :: pasta, I think?

→ 2015年09月27日 (late night)

+ Aaand the items I designed are up! Jester yoyo is there too but I still need to revamp that thing.
+ Although, I actually got some compliments on the rocket and nightlight!

+ I really love the glasses though, it's my favorite (designed by corsair).

→ 2015年09月27日 (late afternoon)

+ Woke up to a fuck ton of notifs on Kaylune, so far being a site artist is pretty nice!
+ Got a new gaia account too (un: gobelins), named after that gobelins.
+ I currently have 2/3 slots filled for my temp art shop, I received requests for some really cute ocs too,,,
+ Avis from my old account. (all with the same pants ehe):

+ Also new commissions! by loki @ Kaylune
+ They're of belier and sucre, respectively.

+ Lastly, I'm currently making very small progress on the VR remake.
+ Redoing all the graphics, adding a shit ton of new npcs, maps, etc.

feeling :: bored
listening :: -
watching :: some random movie on televi
last ate :: chicken :3

movies bucketlist
my personal list of movies to watch/re-watch <3

→ (1927) Metropolis
→ (1968) 2001: A Space Odyssey
→ (1980) The Shining
→ (1982) Blade Runner
→ (1994) Pulp Fiction
→ (1999) American Beauty
→ (2001) メトロポリス (Metropolis)
→ (2001) Donnie Darko
→ (2003) Kill Bill Vol I
→ (2004) Kill Bill Vol II
→ (2005) Hard Candy
→ (2014) Interstellar

Prince / プリンス

will write a better one in the future,

age 16
occupation senior high school student
favorite food pasta, chicken curry
favorite colour sky blue

will add some sooner or later...