My name is Prince, I draw a lot and am sleepy always, zzz... I like video games and sky blue (colour).
▼ 【age】15
▼ 【dob】2/25
▼ 【job】junior hs student
▼ 【contact】princegalaco@gmail.com


Can I use your art as an icon/background/etc.?
As long as it's for non-commercial use then it's OK, please leave credit though!
However, please do not use any commission art I've done (but if you're the commissioner, then it's a-okay).
If you're really unsure just e-mail me or send me an ask on tumblr.

Can I edit your art?
>> Unless it's official work for my games, then no.

Can I commission you?
>> Currently, no! I don't take irl commissions.
However I sometimes take commissions on these sites:

【 start of site: 12/11/13 】 out