last update :: 2015年10月11日
like my regular blog... but secret.

log 002 → 2015年10月11日 (night)

+ ynfg plot/inspirations stuff...
+ red door...
+ im not very sure what i want to write about right now
+ pan's labyrinth is one of my inspirations for the game.
+ since it's a ynfg, i wanted it to be dream-like
+ im considering the story to be about being trapped "in-between"

log 001 → 2015年10月11日 (afternoon)

+ start of secret blog... I'll use this for game dev stuff mostly I guess.
+ For now, I'm trying to remake VR but got really lazy to fix the plot/puzzles.
+ My YN fangame is also kinda ehhh right now, I need to fix the plot and effects of that one too.

+ I have 13 effects planned for the game. * are tentative.
+ Puzzles can be solved with different combinations of using the effect.

+ Bear "Kigurumi"
+ a bear kigu. it'll be called something different in game.
+ im still unsure about how itll be used?
+ i was thinking of it being required (worn) to enter an area.
+ also you can only get this effect when you have /your/ teddy.
+ effect is based off your "velveteen rabbit" memory

+ Frostbitten*
+ have no idea what i wanted for the snow effect (i just know i want one, since snow effects are my favorite)
+ maybe some ice prince?
+ snowman, gingerbread, scarf...
+ idk maybe something based off a fairy tale about winter
+ effect will be based off some memory about winter

+ Sunshine*
+ also not sure what to do for this
+ originally it was just a desaturated version of luke's original sprite but?
+ eh, might as well go all the way and make a sprite?
+ but I also really wanted an umbrella effect for it instead so maybe no original talksprite...
+ effect will be based off some memory about a rainy day

+ UFO EFFECT HOVER over... idk ditches and shit? you can fly in outer space and stuff
+ use this effect to haul ass back to nexus
+ effect will be based off some memory about... uh... shooting stars memory? eh

+ Lunar
+ lunar effect lights up areas
+ though im considering scrapping this type and using a "firefly" effect instead
+ effect will be based off firefly catching memory

+ Witch's Son
+ one of my favorite effects :3
+ couldn't decide between witch's son or witch's protege
+ has 2 forms, walking and on broom, luke can "enchant" items? do some magic?
+ broom is like UFO effect, hover over obstacles (can't go to space tho)
+ effect will be based off a memory about a witch?

+ Platina
+ used to destroy obstacles... kill enemies? eye shifts colour when using platina (upright)
+ effect will be based off a book memory

+ Cloud Racer
+ join cloud races, castle in the sky stuff
+ also hover! like ufo and witch
+ effect will be based off... idk what the fuck kind of memory

+ Forest Spirit*
+ yeah i have no idea what to do with this one either
+ might scrap too

+ Glasses
+ whatever could it mean...

feeling :: chill