♥ 80 / 105 collected ♥

Secret Rare: 2 / 3 collected
Special: 4 / 9 collected
Ultra Rare: 5 / 10 collected
Super Rare: 13 / 15 collected
Rare: 15 / 23 collected
Normal: 41 / 45 collected

3 types of Secret Rare Cards

2 / 3 collected
WDK-094 Clotted Cream Cookie ★★★★★
WDK-095 Dark Cacao Cookie ★★★★★
WDK-096 Crunchy Chip Cookie ★★★★★

9 types of Special Illustration Cards

4 / 9 collected
WDK-097 Lawless People in the Soda Islands
WDK-098 Fire! Holly Berry Kingdom of Passion
WDK-099 Battle of the Dragon Gorge
WDK-100 Halloween Costume Ball
WDK-101 The Fallen Prince
WDK-102 Memory of Two Friends
WDK-103 Jellyus Blustiers!
WDK-104 I want to be a king!
WDK-105 Corridor of Harmony

10 types of Ultra Rare Cards

5 / 10 collected
WDK-84 Almond Cookie ★★★★★
WDK-85 Red Velvet Cookie ★★★★★
WDK-86 Affogato Cookie ★★★★★
WDK-87 Chilli Pepper Cookie ★★★★★
WDK-88 Tea Knight Cookie ★★★★★
WDK-89 Wildberry Cookie ★★★★★
WDK-90 Cherry Blossom Cookie ★★★★★
WDK-91 Ginger Brave ★★★★★
WDK-92 Sea Fairy Cookie ★★★★★
WDK-93 Frost Queen Cookie ★★★★★

15 types of Super Rare Cards

13 / 15 collected
WDK-069 Mango Cookie ★★★
WDK-070 Cocoa Cookie ★★★
WDK-071 Hollyberry Cookie ★★
WDK-072 Kumiho Cookie ★★★
WDK-073 Dark Choco Cookie ★★★★
WDK-074 Caramel Arrow Cookie ★★★
WDK-075 Carrot Cookie ★★★★
WDK-076 Blackberry Cookie ★★★★★
WDK-077 Alchemist Cookie ★★★★★
WDK-078 Milk Cookie ★★★★
WDK-079 Mala Sauce Cookie ★★★★
WDK-080 Gumball Cookie ★★★★
WDK-081 Squid Ink Cookie ★★★★
WDK-082 Licorice Cookie ★★★★
WDK-083 Cotton Cookie ★★★★

23 types of Rare Cards

15 / 23 collected
WDK-046 Cream Puff Cookie -
WDK-047 Tiger Lily Cookie -
WDK-048 Latte Cookie -
WDK-049 Madeleine Cookie -
WDK-050 Ginger Brave -
WDK-051 Espresso Cookie -
WDK-052 Sorbet Shark Cookie -
WDK-053 Devil Cookie -
WDK-054 Black Raisin Cookie -
WDK-055 Cream Puff Cookie ★★★
WDK-056 Mint Choco Cookie ★★★
WDK-057 Cocoa Cookie ★★
WDK-058 Pastry Cookie ★★★
WDK-059 Latte Cookie ★★
WDK-060 Strawberry Cookie ★★★
WDK-061 Purple Yam Cookie ★★
WDK-062 Eclair Cookie ★★★
WDK-063 Pomegranate Cookie ★★
WDK-064 Sorbet Shark Cookie ★★
WDK-065 Pumpkin Pie Cookie ★★
WDK-066 Rye Cookie ★★★
WDK-067 Twizzly Gummy Cookie ★★
WDK-068 Wildberry Cookie ★★

45 types of Normal Cards

41 / 45 collected
WDK-001 Poison Mushroom Cookie
WDK-002 Onion Cookie
WDK-003 Herb Cookie
WDK-004 Avocado Cookie
WDK-005 Snow Sugar Cookie
WDK-006 Lilac Cookie
WDK-007 Ninja Cookie
WDK-008 Strawberry Crepe Cookie
WDK-009 Twizzly Gummy Cookie
WDK-010 Angel Cookie
WDK-011 Parfait Cookie
WDK-012 Devil Cookie
WDK-013 Wizard Cookie
WDK-014 Espresso Cookie
WDK-015 Black Raisin Cookie
WDK-016 Vampire Cookie
WDK-017 Sparkling Cookie
WDK-018 Caramel Arrow Cookie
WDK-019 Almond Cookie
WDK-020 Chilli Pepper Cookie
WDK-021 Rye Cookie
WDK-022 Muscle Cookie
WDK-023 Tea Knight Cookie
WDK-024 Clover Cookie
WDK-025 Tiger Lily Cookie
WDK-026 Kumiho Cookie
WDK-027 Fig Cookie
WDK-028 Dark Choco Cookie
WDK-029 Custard Cookie
WDK-030 Raspberry Cookie
WDK-031 Pure Vanilla Cookie
WDK-032 Adventurer Cookie
WDK-033 Pancake Cookie
WDK-034 Mala Sauce Cookie
WDK-035 Cherry Cookie
WDK-036 Pumpkin Pie Cookie
WDK-037 Gatekeeper
WDK-038 Cautious Dark Cacao Volunteer
WDK-039 Quick-Focused Dark Cacao Volunteer
WDK-040 Courtier Cube Choco Cookie
WDK-041 Unidentified Priest
WDK-042 Courtier Peanut Butter Choco Cookie
WDK-043 Bitter Dark Cacao Guard
WDK-044 Head of the Dark Cacao Guard
WDK-045 Sugar Mixed Dark Cacao Guard