hobby artist
hi I'm prince and this is a diary for my 3D learning.

entry 06

March 25 2023

I've been making a bunch of props as practice, my goal is about 100 (non unique) props before the end of next month? I have 8 completely finished ones and I'm making a neopets like store page to display all of them:

(rotate potato)

entry 05

March 19 2023

tutorial / a year and a half later and I'm trying blender again... I followed a well tutorial!

entry 04

October 03 2021


entry o3

October 01 2021

tutorial / was supposed to be a quick thing but got out of control and only followed a little of the tutorial (how to make a froggy for beginners). I learned a ton tho!
I followed the tutorial to make the ears but gave up and made them into its own shape _(:3\

(I only now realize I accidentally coloured the back of its ears,,, ignore that.)

entry o2

September 31 2021

tutorial / I know the grass is really bad but I tried my best _(:3\

entry o1

September 30, 2021

tutorial / babby's first 3d model try